Top Ten Tuesday: Podcasts


Today’s Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme hosting by The Broke and the Bookish, is all about audio. I don’t read audio books, so I decided to focus on podcasts. I love to listen to podcasts when I’m out jogging or walking, and on day’s like today, when my endometriosis is flaring up. It’s no fun having a chronic illness, and I love that you can listen to podcasts with your eyes closed!

I couldn’t come up with 10 this week, so here are my Top 6 podcasts:



Serial – This podcast is SO good! I think I walked twice as much as I usually do while listening to it. I love the concept of mystery podcasts (even non-fiction ones, like Serial). If you like Making a Murderer on Netflix, this podcast is for you.



Ted Talks and Tedx – There are so many great Ted Talks. Some of my favorites are The danger of a single story by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (TED); Transgender: You’re Part of the Story by Nicole Maines (TEDx); The beauty of being a misfit by Lidia Yuknavitch (TED), and Inside the mind of a master procrastinator by Tim Urban (TED).



Books on the Nightstand – I am so sad that this podcast came to an end in July. It was one of my favorites that I listened to on a regular basis. You can still find many of the podcasts online, and I definitely recommend the ones from this summer.


Nerdist – I love the Nerdist celebrity conversations. Particular favorites are the interviews with Daniel Radcliffe, Seth Rogen Returns, and the latest one with John Stamos (talking about him being a Comic Con virgin was particularly funny).


Book Riot – This is primarily a book blog, so of course you are going to find at least two book-related podcasts on my list! I don’t catch the podcast every week, but I do listen as often as I can to this weekly podcast. You are guaranteed to add to your TBR shelf every time you listen, and it is a great source of news from the publishing world.


America’s Test Kitchen  – I love America’s Test Kitchen. This week’s show is particularly interesting, considering this week’s topic is the world of the Brothers Grimm and the connection to food in fairy tales.


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