You’ve Got Mail #2

You’ve got mail is a regular post about the fun things that came in the mail recently.



Pop N’Drop Penguins game – When we went to Back to School night, M’s teacher had board games on her classroom wish list. M chose this one to donate to the classroom, since it is one of her favorites at home. Pop N’Drop Penguins is very similar to Trouble, but with penguins and icy bridges to cross. The penguin play pieces are quite adorable.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – a birthday gift for my hubby, but I’m sure we will both be reading it!

All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda – I read a library copy when All the Missing Girls was first released, but decided to buy a copy for myself. It is an excellent book!

Cat Food – One of our cats has chronic cystitis, and it took ages to find the right food that helped ease her symptoms. We save a ton of money by buying it in larger amounts online. I love the Soulistic variety packs. It’s like soup for cats. Isabel loves it, and it helps her get the liquids she needs.

Beanie Boo – This is Kacey, an adorable pink koala plush. She was a small back-to-school gift for M. I was never a beanie baby collector as a kid, but my child seems to have been bitten by the Beanie Boo bug!


I think she knows her food is inside of this box!