Top Ten Tuesday: Appreciating the Small Stuff


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week the theme was a Thanksgiving freebie: what we are thankful for.

I needed this theme this week! The year 2016 has not been the greatest year for me, at times, it has been downright miserable. I had surgery and was diagnosed with endometriosis in February; my husband was involved in a car accident in June when someone ran into him, and a dear friend and someone who was a mentor to me passed away suddenly in October. I won’t even go into the feelings brought about after the election.

It would be an understatement to say that I am counting down the days until 2017, with the hope that it will be a brighter year. Which is all the more reason why I need to take a moment to highlight all the great little things in life. The little things are vastly underrated, when in reality, they do so much to cheer and uplift.

 Top Ten Little Things That Bring Happiness and Joy

  1. Comedians – Dave Chappelle, Jon Stewart, Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon, Amy Poehler, Kate McKinnon, Ellen….they always bring out a laugh, even during the gloomy times.
  2. My cats – Isabel and Hello Kitty.
  3. Giving to others – Giving an extra pair of sneakers to the Tile Guy working on our bathroom renovation. M had a foot growth spurt in September, and she outgrew the sneakers we bought in August before she even wore them. I passed them on to the Tile Guy, who happens to be a single dad raising a 6-year-old. His daughter loved the shoes – win/win for everyone!
  4. Warm, sunny days – we have had a lot of them this autumn, and I appreciate every single one.
  5. Books – Of course this book lover will have books on the list! It would be so silly to think otherwise.
  6. My daughter’s first original composition – My 9-year-old wrote her own song, y’all! And it is such a fun thing to listen to.
  7. My Book Club – our book club is known as the LLC – Liberal Literature Club – and we always have great conversations when we get together.
  8. Netflix and Amazon Prime – When I feel like doing nothing else, I can always count on these two to come to the rescue.
  9. Ice Cream  – the small-batch gelato at Va Da Vie in Charlotte, Ben & Jerry’s, or any one of the other many local ice creameries in our area. Yum.
  10. The Joe Biden memes – Oh, how they do make me laugh. We love you, Joe!