Book Review: Winter by Marissa Meyer


Winter by Marissa Meyer

This is the book that has turned me into a Lunar Chronicles fangirl. It was 800+ pages of awesome, a pure joy to read, and I continue to be impressed by Marissa Meyer’s ability to weave together so many fairy-tale based storylines and merge them together seamlessly, all while building her own unique world.

Princess Winter. “She was a girl made of ice and glass.” Winter refuses to use her Lunar gift, and therefore battles visions and hallucinations on a regular basis. A lot of readers don’t like her childishness, but I found it fit in perfectly with her character. I also don’t believe she is truly as childish as she comes across, a thought that is hinted at a few times during the course of the novel. Winter, living under the nose of Queen Levana, seems to be in survival mode for much of the novel.

I loved that all of the events of this book take place on Luna, so the reader is fully immersed in the Lunar world. It was delightful to read about. I may never look at the moon the same way again, without picturing the city domes and Artemisia.

Winter is heartbreaking, endearing, and the perfect conclusion to the series.

Rating: 4/5 stars


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